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Extra Deep Relief 7X10 Bicycle Seat
Part Number BSJB-49451
. Extra Deep Relief 7X10 Bicycle Seat
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Extra Deep Relief Zone Bicycle Seats - Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

For Road Bicycles and Exercise Bikes

  • Slim 7-1/4" Wide x 10-1/2" Long
  • Exceptional comfort with the specialized extra deep and vented relief zone for prostate and tailbone relief
  • Gel foam cushioning
  • Sport riding, no spring suspension
  • Durable tri-colored vinyl top
  • Can also be used as an Exercise Bike Seat for training.
Note For Bicycle Owners:
Our universal design allows this and all of our saddles to be mounted to any bicycle, well any we’ve seen in the last 25 years anyway! Mounting instructions are included. Mounting may require a 7/8" round seat post clamp.
If you have a question regarding compatibility give us a call.

As always if you don’t like your seat feel free to return it for a full refund! (less return postage)

Customer Reviews
all gain no pain
Fast shipping and a great price. Nice looking. Easy to put on. The seat I had on my bike hurt my a** after short rides. On my first test drive the cloud 9 felt very comfortable, but I just took it for a short ride maybe 3 or 4 miles, so far so good. It also appears very well made. Update....Just back from a 11 mile ride, not too bad better than what I had still left me feeling a little sore. One thing I should mention, I just started getting back into biking so maybe I just need to give it some time. UPDATE after using this seat for awhile now I found it not very comfortable on longer rides. Last week on my longest ride to date 17 miles I developed numbness to my "junk". After doing some online research on this I did not like what I found. Numbness in this area is NOT a good thing, and in time can cause some manhood problems, with that being said I can no longer give this seat a good review. I am now looking into purchasing a seat by Adamo that has gotten great reviews regarding the numbness issues that can happen after long rides. So if you would like to remain sexually active I would look for a different seat.
Reviewed by: JP from . on 2/7/2014
Good for tailbone
Its the same size as the standard bike saddle that came with my mountain bike but a bit softer and forgiving. I haven't had a chance to ride it for more than 30 minutes at a time so I'm not sure how it would work on a longer run. Good news is I haven't suffered any tailbone pain. Unlike the ride I took over the golden gate bridge on my old one which left me almost unable to walk because the pain was so severe. That trip prompted me to buy this one.
Reviewed by: J Hovik from San Jose, CA. on 9/2/2014
This is a very comfortable seat. I ride my "no-suspension" mountain bike on the road, and this seat helps cushion the ride. Very fast delivery.
Reviewed by: Jeremiah from KS. on 3/9/2014
could be wider
Overall this seat is comfortable. It''s pretty much standard size. I was hoping it would be wider than it is. What they''ve done is simply give it a little better cushion than standard. The central groove really does seem to make a difference, too.
Reviewed by: happycat from IO. on 1/1/2014
Very Comfortable Seat
It has been a few years since I have ridden a bike, and was very uncomfortable whenever I tried. This seat has been very comfortable. However, I haven''t tried it for 10 miles every day or anything like that. Just a little cruising with the family, and I love it!
Reviewed by: cwade from OK. on 12/9/2013
Especially for the guys
This bicycle seat is fantastic for guys out there who want a comfortable ride. (The hole in the middle says it all!) My husband complained about taking long bike rides until I bought him this seat for his bike. Now he LOVES long bike rides! Yeay!
Reviewed by: Junkman from . on 11/16/2013
A Nice Saddle
This is, as the title says, a nice saddle. It has good support, it isn't too soft, and feels well made. The reason my review is only 4-stars is that I wish this saddle were available in a 7-1/2" or even an 8" width. I bought a Trico gel saddle back in 2005 and it was as if it were made specifically for me. It's about 7-3/4" wide and, unfortunately, recently gave up the ghost. With Trico not making that saddle anymore I have to try out the different, available saddles on the market today and I haven't found "the one" just yet. That aside, this recent saddle I purchased worked very well on a 30-mile ride on a somewhat bumpy trail. However my backside, though not sore afterward, was still wanting a slightly wider saddle. I feel like I'm riding right at the outer edges of this saddle so I'm going to try out the C9 8" Gel Seat to see if that's more like the Trico saddle I used to have.
Reviewed by: Steve from Baltimore. on 5/21/2017
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