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ISM PL 1.0 Saddle
Part Number BSJB-50344
. ISM PL 1.0 Saddle
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The ultimate road racing saddle. It took 5 years of development for the Adamo Podium to reach the finish line. And we pulled out all the stops. Our staff worked closely with real Tour de France racers designing the perfect shape and slope, based on their professional racing experiences. The result is a longer, narrower, and leaner performance saddle. Donít settle, get on the Podium. Uses foam and gel padding and titanium alloy rails. 270mm long and 130 mm wide.
  • Ultimate road racing saddle
  • Foam & gel padding
  • Ti rails
  • 170mm Long x 130mm Wide
    Customer Reviews
    Life Saver
    I bought this saddle over a year ago and it has been a life saver. My old saddle caused lots of pressure on my perineum and was very uncomfortable. This saddle helped relieve that pressure and made my riding much more comfortable. I am large guy, 6''3" 220lbs so I would recommend this from the smallest riders on up. I ride multiple times per week from 5 miles up to 60 with no problems. Make sure you watch the installation videos online to understand how to align it for the best fit. And don''t be afraid to adjust it if its not feeling right the first (or second) time.
    Reviewed by: from . on 1/6/2014
    Worth the money
    They were not kidding when ISM states that this could potentially be unlike any other saddle you have ridden. And the fact that there can be a substantial breaking in period. I was very much doubting my choice to finally try out the Prologue after the first few rides of utter discomfort and downright pain on some level. But as their recommendation goes the muscles in and around my seat bone were obviously given a rude awakening to something they were just not used to. I do strictly road cycling and log about 150-200+ on a weekly basis. Initially it feels just plain odd when you first saddle up. The split nose feels incredibly awkward and intrusive for the first few rides; I kept having the impression that it could be narrower. ISM saddles are naturally pitched forward a bit to incline towards their time-trialing clientele. This is no joke, they feel even more pitched than what their profile gives away (watch their set-up video on their site), so I immediately had to pitch the angle back to keep the extra weight off from my wrists on the bars. Once I found the sweet spot of the level of the saddle I could finally start to grasp the goodness of difference that are these saddles. Because most of the emphasis is placed on your seat bone you naturally sit in a bit more upright position when you are on the hoods. Again, this feels odd at first and also having to contend with the seemingly wider split nose. What I also immediately noticed was the change/feel in my pedaling stroke, which felts so much ''lighter'' and more free at ease. I seem to be able to keep a much more even and controlled rhythm with my pedaling cadence now. It''s been over 3 weeks now of riding the Prologue (I daily commute to work plus long weekend and evening rides when time permits) and I think my body has finally broken in to what it has to offer. There were definitely some questioning moments when I thought perhaps I made a mistake in giving it a try, but I really do love the ride it provides. Be prepared to grit through the first 35+ miler within the first week or two. It''s not the most cushioning thing in the world, but that also could be because I really do not have a lot of extra padding around back, but I recently rode a 60+ miler on it and I was certainly no worse for the wear other than just tired riding legs. If you are looking for a cure from typical saddle issues, believe the reviews that are out there and give this a try. I apologize for my wordy feedback here.
    Reviewed by: L. snell from Westfield, NJ. on 11/13/2013
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