ISM Sport

ISM Sport

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ISM Sport

The ISM Sport Saddle is a great seat for upright bikes and a very popular option for police officers. This saddle is designed to remove pressure that is placed on the soft tissues of the groin, perineum and tailbone area, ensuring maximum blood flow, no genital numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride!

  • Wide base for maximum stability and comfort
  • Seat measures 7 3/4'' W x 7'' L 
  • Center cut out measures 2 1/2'' at widest point
  • Sloped front design allows for easy mounting and dismounting of the bike

This saddle is best suited for riders that:

  • Experience moderate to severe groin, prostate, or perineum area pain and discomfort 
  • lean more towards the handlebars of the bike in a more aggressive position
  • weigh less than 225 lbs (seat is rated for 350 lbs)
  • are male or female (unisex design
  • are going to be replacing the saddle on a road, mountain/hybrid, or exercise/stationary bike

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