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Wide Gel Pad for 12"-13" Seats - Cosmetic Defect
Part Number BSTR-11-110-EX-defect
. Wide Gel Pad for 12"-13" Seats - Cosmetic Defect
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ON SALE NOW!  One time offer!

This luxury Gel Pad came with a slight cosmetic defect, pictured above, there are wrinkles in the lycra fabric that won't come out.  Other than this small flaw this pad is in perfect, new condition.  Save $10.00 on a fantastic Gel Pad and ride in comfort!

Made in USA - The Most Comfortable Cushioned Exercise and Bicycle Padded Seat Cover Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Luxury Gel Padded Seat Cover - Wide 1 1/2" thickComfortable and easy to installMade in USA

Painreliever Saddle Pads are an economical way to add comfort to your existing saddle, or upgrade an older saddle. The pad is anatomically shaped 100% Memoflex Gel, covered in black Lycra® with a non-slip base material and secured with a drawstring and cord-lock closure. Its three sizes ensure that it will fit to any bicycle saddle.

Bicycle riding is a very enjoyable activity enjoyed by millions of people. But, for years men and women alike have suffered the most unbearable pain caused by inadequate bicycle saddles. The number one reason so many individuals give up bicycle riding is SEAT PAIN!

Gel bicycle seat cover to fit the large size bicycle seats and exercise bikes. Slips over existing seat in seconds! Add that extra comfort you need.

Wide Gel Features:
Fits seats up to 12" to 14" and up to 13" long 1-1/2" thick and weighs over 3 lbs!
1) Deluxe Gel cushion
2) Non slip bottom for stability
3) Locking Drawstring for snug fit and easy removal.

Your satisfaction is our goal.If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days from the date of shipment, as shown on your invoice, for a refund or exchange.

Fitness professionals and home users agree that a major problem with exercise bikes is an uncomfortable seat. Another is boredom. The biggest mistake a consumer can make is getting a poorly made bike with few features to alleviate the pain and inevitable workout slump, or a bike that's so loud that you can't read or watch TV.

Bob Howells of Outside Magazine warns that this is not the time to buy an off-brand, generic, cheaply made bike. A quality stationary bike will give you control over the intensity of your workout, options for specific courses designed to replicate the road bike experience, and they'll be quiet enough not to drive you nuts with noise. If the bike is more comfortable, you will get more exercise. You have already invested in your health, invest a little in your own comfort and get back on your bike!

Our New Gel Cushioned Seat Pad Cover Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

There are recent concerns about Americans getting enough exercise. Did you know that an exercise bike is a low impact exercise with great cardio-vascular benefits? Watch TV, read, or play games while getting much needed cardio exercise. Our bicycle seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise, more comfortably. Please see the growing list of information concerning these issues for men and women.

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