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Bicycle seats for overweight people - extra large bicycle seats for fat people.

Posted by Administrator on 1/31/2015
Bicycle seats for overweight people - extra large bicycle seats for fat people. Do you need a big seat for a bicycle? Sorry to be insensitive, but that is the phrase people are searching on Google, so we thought we would try to offer some help....

Huffy Bicycle Replacement Parts - Replacement Bicycle Seats

Posted by Administrator on 1/28/2015
Huffy Bicycle Replacement Parts - Replacement Bicycle Seats For The Huffy Brand Bikes.  The solution is to replace the Huffy bicycle seat with a bulletproof bicycle seat with Kevlar or more durable version specifically made with Kevlar for jumping ....

The current Bike debate

Posted by Madeline on 9/23/2014
How should we ride? The current bike debate is over if bikes should stay on the road, or if bike lanes, or even entirely separate bike tracks are the way of the future.  An eloquent article explaining both sides of the argument. 

Need some commuting inspiration?

Posted by Madeline on 9/19/2014
Fun and inspiring stories and a few statistics too, that will help get you out the door, onto your bike, and where you're going in the morning!

The Slow Bike Movement

Posted by Madeline on 9/12/2014
An article from SFGate on casual riding in San Francisco.

Why we need more people who ride bikes, not cyclists

Posted by Madeline on 9/4/2014
An interesting article out of Seattle. Why communities need more people who ride bikes as opposed to hard core cyclists. The author makes some interesting point! Article includes links to other pertinent blog entrees on the subject.

Female Anatomy and Bicycle Seats

Posted by Madeline on 8/27/2014
Who says that guys are the only ones who have comfort issues "down there" when if comes to their bicycle seat or saddle?  An awesome and candid piece of writing from The Lovely Bicycle Blog.

Product Spotlight: New Fleece Foam Pad!

Posted by Madeline on 8/22/2014

                         One of our newest items is receiving great reviews!  Here are a couple of 

                           them and a bit more info. on this comfortable seat pad.

The Sweetest Ride - on the Tour of Flanders!

Posted by Madeline on 8/21/2014
What a fun article!  What else would you do in Belgium while biking around?  Eat Waffles!

Missoula CycloCross Clinic

Posted by Madeline on 8/15/2014
Free XC event in Missoula!