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Comfort Seats - Comfortable Bicycle Seats for Casual Riders - Bigger, Wider, Softer...
Casual riders (riding shorter distances or less often) are looking for a little fun and exercise, not a competitive race.  Your bicycle seats are usually larger, wider and softer than sport seats. More gel padding is good 

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 Products (Total Items: 30)
10" Wide Berkley Saddle ISM Ergo Black
Your Price: $139.95
On sale: $99.95 On Sale
12" Wide Cruiser Saddle ISM Ergo Black
Your Price: $119.95
On sale: $99.95 On Sale
Planet Bike - Comfort Tractor Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $29.95
On sale: $27.95 On Sale
MX Freestyle KEVLAR SADDLE 2985 9mm
Your Price: $24.95
Ladies Gel Sport - Breast Cancer Edition
Your Price: $29.95
Bicycle Seat With Backrest
Your Price: $89.95
EasySeat Deluxe - Dual Pad Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $69.95
12x12 Saddle
Your Price: $48.95
Safety Seat With LED Safety Lights
Your Price: $39.95
On sale: $29.95 On Sale
Big Red 11" Seat
Your Price: $32.95
Big Yellow 11" Seat
Your Price: $32.95
Big Blue 11" Seat
Your Price: $32.95
Big Red 11" Seat - Solid RED
Your Price: $34.94
On sale: $19.95 On Sale
Big Wide 11" Seat
Your Price: $29.95
8" Gel Seat
Your Price: $27.95
EasySeat - Dual Pad Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $39.95
Extra Gel Padding For Hornless Seat
Your Price: $19.95
Extra Deep Relief Zone 12X12 Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $49.95
Extra Deep Relief 10X10 Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $45.95
Extra Deep Relief 9X11 Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $41.95
Extra Deep Relief 7X10 Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $37.95
Extra Deep Relief 6X11 Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $34.95
Extra Deep Relief 5X9 Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $29.95
13" Heavy Support Economy Seat
Your Price: $34.95
Economy Bicycle Seat
Your Price: $19.95
Contour Seat
Your Price: $84.95
$50 Gift Certificate
Your Price: $50.00
$75 Gift Certificate
Your Price: $75.00
$100 Gift Certificate
Your Price: $100.00
$150 Gift Certificate
Your Price: $150.00
Casual riders are looking for a little fun and exercise - and a little comfort.  You are not "into" pain, you just want a nice ride. 
Comfort seats for casual bicycle riders - Usually larger & softer, comfortable bicycle seats for less pain while riding