ERGO Hornless Bike Seat
ERGO Hornless Bike Seat

ERGO Hornless Bike Seat

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ERGO Hornless Saddle 

ERGOs Hornless Bicycle Seat takes the pressure off of soft tissues and tender organs. The ERGO Hornless Bicycle Seat reduces the risks of prostate, groin, and perineum area discomfort and injury with its revolutionary hornless design.

  • 9 x 6 x 3.5 inches
  • Standard rail-mount saddle
  • Rear Reflectors 
  • Lightweight 14 oz. Design
  • Easy Installation and Adjustment
  • "Sit-bone" Based Support
  • Healthy, Comfortable Ride
  • No more "NUMB BUTT" 
  • Doctor and Police endorsed
  • NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) certified
This saddle is best suited for riders that:
  • Experience moderate to severe groin, prostate, or perineum area pain and discomfort
  • Lean more towards the handlebars of the bike in a more aggressive position
  • Weigh less than 225lbs (seat is rated for 300lbs)
  • are male or female (unisex design)
  • are going to be replacing the saddle on a road, mountain or hybrid bike

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5 Stars
Hornless Seat - Lycra is the Way to Go
About two years ago, near the end of the biking season, I spend about a thousand dollars on a fancy new bicycle, equipped with an automatic transmission and with handlebars that I didn’t have to stoop over to reach. I figured it would be just the ticket to help me get back in shape after my grueling ordeal with a life threatening illness. After trying my new bike on a 5 mile ride, I really liked the way it magically shifted gears but, I realized that I also hated its conventional, uncomfortable horned saddle. So I invested another 75 bucks for a radically different seat, shaped like a crescent moon, called the moon saddle. At first, it seemed like the answer, but after a 10-mile excursion without the annoyance of a horn, I realized that the unforgiving, hard plastic exterior, of my new seat had also taken its toll on my posterior. Next I took my old sheepskin cover (designed for a conventional horned saddle) and installed it sideways atop my moon saddle. The result: much closer to comfort, but still no cigar! Afterwards, I found myself avoiding bicycling by blaming the hot weather and my fancy bike languished for the entire next season on a hoist attached to the ceiling of my garage. After another health scare this year, I finally admitted to myself that I needed the exercise, so I took the risk of throwing good money after bad by shopping for a new bicycle saddle. After reading many reviews like this one, I chose this hornless seat and opted for the extra gel padding. Eureka! Installation was a breeze and after three 10-mile outings (a new record?), my sit bones feel fine and I think I’m finally going to get some value for the money I’ve spent.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Rochester, Michigan. on 10/12/2015
5 Stars
Hornless Seat - Lycra
I am a 72 year old male who has had laser surgery for BPH . The seat makes it possible for me to resume riding my racing bicycle. It does put some extra pressure on the wrists but the trade off is well worth it for me.
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Reviewed by:  from norfolk,va. on 6/12/2014
4 Stars
Pro''s and Con''s
Recently I started cycling to get some exercise. However, three weeks into my program saw me rushing to the doctor because of "trauma" to my groin area because of the traditional saddle. My doctor advised me to change the saddle and use padded cycle shorts. I read the reviews on "The Seat" and decided to give it a try. This was definately one of my better buying decisions. After installing on my bike and taking a ride around the block, the comfort I felt was amazing. It was like moving from an old jalopy to a spanking new Mercedes. No pain; no pain medication needed. That being said, it took me about 30 minutes to get adjusted to the new feel. It was a bit harder to balance and a little tricky when removing a hand from the handle. Now that I''ve taken a few rides around the community, I''m definately sold; there''s no going back to an ordinary saddle. The build quality of "THE SEAT'' is exceptional as well and does a good job of cushioning the ill effects of bad road surfaces. Forget padded cycle shorts; any normal shorts will do!
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Reviewed by:  from . on 4/3/2014
2 Stars
Didn't fix prostate pain
Didn't fix prostate type pain. Too soft and there's a lump in the middle which pokes up at just the wrong spot
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Reviewed by:  from South Australia. on 3/15/2019
4 Stars
I am a regular mountain biker (hard-tail, shoe clips, rides on roads and soft trails). For an entire year, I was dealing with terrible pelvic pains, which I had assumed were caused by my "regular" bike seat. So I bought Ergo the Seat, hoping that this would solve the problem. Long story short: my pains turned out to have nothing at all to do with my bike. (The leg press machine at my gym was the major culprit). Having bought The Seat, I decided to use it anyway, as a preventative measure. It is well constructed, and it certainly takes weight off of your groin area. Earlier, I had tried the Hobson Easyseat, which was exceedingly uncomfortable -- it felt as if I was leaning against a kitchen counter! The Ergo is definitely more comfortable than the Hobson. Unfortunately, as other reviewers have discussed in depth, you will sustain a huge performance hit with seats such as this. The redistribution of weight will go to your arms, as well as your legs. I suppose the good news is that one can eventually adapt to it, to a point. After a few rides, my arms were definitely becoming used to the added stress. However, the extra strain on the legs will mean that cycling becomes noticeably more strenuous. It is almost equivalent to riding while standing up, except that you don''t benefit by using your body weight during peddling, as one would while going up hill. The new strain on my legs and knees was very noticeable with the Ergo. I eventually reinstalled my old seat, and it felt as if cycling was twice as easy. For some people''s physical issues, Ergo The Seat may mean the difference between cycling and not cycling. In my case, it turned out to not be beneficial for me. That being said, I cannot knock it as a product, because it does exactly what it claims to do. I recommend to be sure that it is going to be a solution for you, before investing in one.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 2/2/2014
3 Stars
Hornless Seat - Lycra
The seat is made well and is soft. I am one of the people who tried it on my bike, and cannot use it. The distance between the seat and my handlebars keeps me from being to settle on it; I keep sliding off. If I had a more upright bike, or a little smaller frame, I might enjoy this seat.
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Reviewed by:  from Fair Oaks, California. on 3/12/2016
4 Stars
the seat if fairly comfortable, but for me it needs to be 2 - 3 inches longer so you wouldn't have the tendency to slice forward and your weight would be more evenly distributed, not centered on the butt bones (causes occasional blisters).
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Reviewed by:  from venice, fl. on 3/20/2019
5 Stars
For myself as a mountain biker, this seat seems to solve the problem of too much pressure on the perineum area. Time will tell. So far so good.
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Reviewed by:  from Gainesville. on 4/29/2019
5 Stars
Bike seat
Loved the seat. Thanks
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Reviewed by:  from new carlisle. on 10/9/2015
5 Stars
the best
If you suffer from soreness from a regular bicycle seat, this is the seat for you. i can't say enough good things about it. i love it.
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Reviewed by:  from canterbury, nh. on 10/8/2021
4 Stars
Good Set
Good Seat. Comfortable. Helped me.
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Reviewed by:  from Belgium. on 8/9/2020

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