Product Spotlight: New Fleece Foam Pad!

Posted by Madeline on 8/22/2014
Product Spotlight: New Fleece Foam Pad!
Here at we're always on the lookout for new items to make your ride more comfortable!  We found these fleece covered foam pads and had to know how they compared to our gel pads.  We purchased a couple and sent one out for one of our customers to try.  Here is what he wrote back:

"Hi ya'll,


I received the cover in good condition. I have two three wheelers so I removed the gel pad that I had purchased from you and installed the sheepskin on my wife's bike. She loved it better than the gel pad which is very nice. You might guess the only way I could try it was to ride her bike and I found it to be very comfortable.  I live in a development so there are a large number of three wheelers in here and all that tried it liked it very much, so I passed on your e-mail address.


Thanks for allowing me to test your product!



 John Ritter"

Since we received that bit of feedback we've added this item to our site for good!  The foam pad is a great alternative for those who don't like the potentially slippery feel of a gel pad.  The fleece fabric is soft, and the heavy duty foam very comfortable.  It makes a great addition to our Contour Seat, or any "western," "tractor," or "trike" style seat!

Here is another quick 5-star review we've gotten:

"Excellent Seat Cover very soft and fluffy and looks elegant.

Reviewed by: Anita Crowell from Wells, Maine. on 8/16/2014"

Check out more details on this cozy seat cover here: 16" FAUX Sheepskin Cover for Contour & Trike Seats With Foam Padding