The Sweetest Ride - on the Tour of Flanders!

Posted by Madeline on 8/21/2014
What a fun article!  What else would you do in Belgium while biking around?  Eat Waffles!

Missoula CycloCross Clinic

Posted by Madeline on 8/15/2014
Missoula CycloCross Clinic
Free XC event in Missoula!

Le Tour De Koocanusa!

Posted by Madeline on 8/12/2014
There are amazing bicycling events everywhere! This past weekend we had Le Tour de Koocanusa locally! An 83 mile ride with breathtaking views!

10 places in the U.S. where bikes and boats rule

Posted by Administrator on 4/3/2014
If you're tired of traffic and high gas prices, it's time to put the car in park, unbuckle your seatbelt and enjoy one of these vacation destinations where your wheels aren't welcome.

This is their morning commute

Posted by Administrator on 3/12/2014
Picture 11 miles of smoothly paved bike path meandering through the countryside.

Creating Energy With Their Exercise Bike

Posted by Administrator on 3/11/2014
Da Silva is an inmate at the prison in Santa Rita do Sapucai,Brazil, near Sao Paulo. He is among a small group of inmates who have been given the chance to lower their sentences by exercising on customized stationary bikes attached to car batteries that charge as they pedal.

Great Bike Treks & City Bike Paths

Posted by Administrator on 12/8/2013
6 Unforgettable Week-Long Bike Treks - America's 19 best city bike paths - Wisconsin, Pewaukee Best Dam Bike Ride

Flying Bicycles?

Posted by Administrator on 12/7/2013
World’s first flying bike takes to the skies

Bicycle Vs Falcon

Posted by Administrator on 12/6/2013
When pitted against one of the fastest men on two wheels in a race downhill, however, the extent of this falcon's aerial skills are put on full display.

Biking where they live

Posted by Administrator on 12/4/2013
The Times is collecting riders’ shared wisdom about biking where they live.
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