SIXT Air Adjustable Bike Seat
SIXT Air Adjustable Bike Seat

SIXT Air Adjustable Bike Seat

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SIXT Air Adjustable Bike Seat

The SIXT Air Adjustable Bike Seat is a unique, one-of-a-kind saddle that is air-adjustable to reduce the pressure points that are placed on the sit bone area. The SIXT Air Adjustable Bike Seat will provide groin, perennial, and tailbone/coccyx area pressure relief. The seat also comes with a protective cover!

  • Unique air-adjustable saddle can be adjusted to your riding style
  • Seat measures 6'' W x 10'' L
  • Adjust seat softness or firmness easily and quickly for changing conditions
  • Durable lycra seat covering

This saddle is best suited for riders that:

  • Are going to be leaning forward towards the handlebars in a more aggressive position 
  • Weigh less than 225lbs (seat is rated for 300lbs)
  • Are male or female (unisex design)
  • Are going to be replacing the saddle on a road, mountain/hybrid, cruiser or exercise/stationary bike

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