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Libby Montana to Eureka Montana

(also see Glacier National Park)



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We've chosen some of the best cycling routes in Montana for your perusal. They're graded by difficulty and length, so you can find a short, easy ride that's just right for you and your family, or a longer multi-day adventure. Go to the index below for a list and description of the currently-available rides. We're adding more rides all the time, so check back before you throw your bikes on the rack and head for the Big Sky Country. (What, no bike? Check out these bicycle rental locations.)

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Anacortes to Acadia 2011
By Thomas Leacock - (contact)

Day 16: Libby MT to Eureka MT

Monday July 11, 2011, 74 miles (119 km) - Total so far: 692 miles (1,114 km)

Another cold night in the mountains. Libby is at about 2500ft elev. and it got down to 45 degrees. During the night I turned over in my sleeping bag and hit the back wall and turned the tent on its side with the door facing the sky. Now you have to understand, my tent is about the size of a English phone booth, or for you DR. WHO fans his Tarsas (however it is not a time machine). Also the campground was near the train tracks and the BNSF trains run all night. Luckily I had ear plugs and I screwed them in until they touched in the center and went to sleep. I woke at 6:00am and found that Rusty was already gone. He wanted to get an early start. I packed up and went down to the only restaurant open and got my usual pancakes and eggs. On the road up SR37 to eureka, this is a very scenic road that runs along lake Koocanusa, but the road is very hilly and turned into a real workout. At mile 23 I stopped at the Koocanusa Marina a very nice resort right on the lake. It was time for my second breakfast and third coffee. I ran into Alex from England again. He was taking a day off at this RV Park. I got back on the road and continued to climb the hills as the temperature rose. At mile 65 out of water and having not eaten lunch I pulled into Rexford MT. There was a little cafe where I had a sandwich and some Ice Tea, tasted mighty good. I still had 8 miles to Eureka where I will spend the night. A total mileage day of 74 , my longest day so far. Shortly after getting a room at the Ksanka Inn motel it started to rain. A good decision to get inside. Met up with George and Mary and had a nice meal at the local cafe. A good day all in all, looking forward to a rest day in Whitefish............ 

Bike Across America 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Libby, Mt To Eureka, Mt

June 29, 2010
73 miles

At our meeting last night Ken told us that today's ride would be tough because we would be riding up and down drainage ditches around Lake Koocanusa. So I got up around 5:00 a.m. and got breakfast. Most of the others in the group were also up.

I went solo and took off at 5:45 a.m. However, I missed the highway turn for Route 37 and went out about 2 miles before realizing I was going in the wrong direction. Once I was back on course the first part of the ride was very peaceful. At about 6 miles up I saw where R.W. Grace had the asbestos mine that became a horrible tragedy for Libby residents.

Heading toward Libby Dam in the early morning..............

(Ed. note - A nice read and good photos here - Bob)

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Bruce & Dana's Northern Tier Bicycle Tour

May 25, 2011 · 3:48 pm

Day 12- Libby to Eureka MT

72.4 miles-Wet pavement this morning but we stayed dry. Temps 50-60 and a head wind 0-10 mph.

The head wind had us pedaling down most of the many hills. We are tired!

We were underway from Libby shortly after 7 taking a little used road. At a fork we went straight instead of right, rode for a couple of miles before turning around and getting on the right road. We saw 1 truck in 15 miles.

And getting lost set the timing to see a wolf!! Dark grey in color with large bushy tail held low, too large for a coyote, not near homes for a dog. We really think it was a wolf. Wooooooo

We went past the Libby dam and spent most of the day alongside Lake Koocanusa, a contraction of Kootenai, Canada and USA. Canada because the lake extends a long ways into Canada and is jointly managed.

Tonight we are at a no-name motel at an Exxon station near Eureka. Dinner and breakfast will be from the associated Subway...........

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Lake Koocanusa Scenic Byway

Libby Montana

Listing Type: Scenic Highway
City: Libby Montana
Region: Glacier Country

Lake Koocanusa Scenic Byway, in the Kootenai National Forest in northwestern Montana, was created in 1992 to become the Northern Region's 5th scenic byway. It follows the Kootenai River and Lake Koocanusa via State Highway No. 37. Open year-round, this 67-mile route connects Libby and Eureka. The byway also includes a side loop (Forest Development Road No. 228) around the west side of the lake, a more leisurely, two-lane, paved route that is closed in winter. Numerous hiking trails in the Kootenai National Forest interesect the Byway. A 100-mile long circular bicycle tour begins at Libby Dam.

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Northern Tier Cross-country Cycling Tour, NT Section 2

June 9 to June 19, Sandpoint ID to Cut Bank MT

We stopped at Kootenai Falls, checked out the cable bridge, and took a few photos. That's Don in front..........
(Ed. note - Some nice photos here - Bob)

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BikeQuest Bicycle Touring Company

BikeQuest provides a more sophisticated style of travel for independent cyclists on their bike ride across America – providing a van supported trip stretching 4295 miles from Washington to Maine along the Northern Tier route. Groups are small and intimate consisting a maximum of 16 riders. If you’re looking for a van supported hotel tour this could be a trip for you.

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Ed. note - 
Are any cyclists taking the West side of the lake, where there is no traffic?  I'll have to ride it and see if it's clear...  Also, most riders head South to Whitefish, after passing through Eureka, then over to Glacier National Park as they continue their tour.

Is the Rails to Trails path between Rexford and Eureka accessible to touring cyclists?

...and there is sort of an unmarked free campground along the river, marked as "river access or fishing access"  between Rexford and Eureka.

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Bicycling in the Kootenai National Forest