Is a Gel Bicycle Seat Good or Bad - Explained

Some people love them, some people hate them - Gel Bicycle Seats. 
Gel Bicycle Seats - Explained. 

The people who like the gel comfort seats are the weekend riders and people who ride shorter distances. You are the casual cruisers who ride for enjoyment and for the exercise.  You might sit in a more upright position and enjoy the scenery.  If this is you, look for a comfort seat - and a big wide gel seat is good for you.  The gel will pad your sit bones, and distribute your weight more evenly.  Larger people looking for a more fun way to get some exercise, look for the larger comfort seats, 12" wide or more...

Sport and Racing bicycle Saddles If you are more of a hardcore rider, if you know who John Tomac is, if you bristled at me calling it a "bicycle seat" and in your head corrected me calling it a saddle, if you take longer rides, maybe even looking to a century at some point, (that means riding a hundred miles - and if you didn't know that, you will be happy with a gel comfort seat) and if you will work through the pain and take the time to break in your new saddle, you want a sport saddle with little or no gel padding. 


Sport Saddles   

Many Recreational Sport Riders get a sport sized saddle, but will get one with gel in it.  (A racing purist or competitive rider will usually not use any gel.)

So the answer is: do what is comfortable, not what others think is right or wrong.

If you are not comfortable, try something else,  call us.

I hate gel bicycle seats   /    I love gel bicycle seats
Which do you prefer?