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For hours at a time, Ronaldo Marcelo Wanderlei da Silva pedals on a stationary bike for a cause. But it is not an ordinary bike, nor an ordinary cause. Da Silva is an inmate at the prison in Santa Rita do Sapucai,Brazil, near Sao Paulo. He is among a small group of inmates who have been given the chance to lower their sentences by exercising on customized stationary bikes attached to car batteries that charge as they pedal. The batteries are in turn used to power street lights in the local plaza.

COPENHAGEN — Picture 11 miles of smoothly paved bike path meandering through the countryside. Largely uninterrupted by roads or intersections, it passes fields, backyards, chirping birds, a lake, some ducks and, at every mile, an air pump. For some Danes, this is the morning commute.

Wounded veterans bike against the odds in endurance-testing race Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/08/10/wounded-veterans-bike-against-odds-in-endurance-testing-race/#ixzz23FG7ms16
On Saturday morning, at 6:30 a.m., these veterans will join nearly 2,000 athletes and take on a challenge that makes the Boston Marathon look brief and oxygen rich. They are on a team of five wounded vets and two supporters that will line up for the Leadville 100, the highest altitude 100-mile mountain bike race in the world. The gruelling race through the Colorado Rockies starts at 10,000 feet. The course briefly dips down into the 8,000-foot range. Cyclists spend so much time pushing the bike uphill, they gain 13,000 feet of altitude before they cross the finish line. It all happens without the comfort of a hearty supply of oxygen. The challenge is notorious among outdoor athletes. It has attracted the likes of Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis. The race is so arduous; the sides of the course can be cluttered with strong men who have given up. It is not uncommon to see a grown man reduced to tears when he realizes, after all the suffering, he won’t finish before the 12-hour cutoff time. These are athletes with four working limbs.

Hey, cyclists! Want to look more stylish while riding and still avoid the inconvenience of a cracked skull? Then a pair of Swedish designers have got just the helmet for you. The newly released Hovding is billed as The Invisible Bicycle Helmet. Begun in 2005 as a project for a master's-level industrial design course, using gyroscopes and accelerometers and other electronic sensors, the Hovding can sense a bike crash and then immediately blow up an airbag of sorts to surround the cyclist's head.

Lisa Brown, Massachusetts Woman, Reunited With The Bike She Lost In 1970

THIS summer the city's Department of Transportation inaugurates a new bike-share program. People who live and work in New York will be able to travel quickly and cheaply between many neighborhoods.

There are two or three weekends a year when cyclists are kings of the road. In that short sweet spot between the highway department clearing snow from the high-mountain pass and the gates opening to motorized traffic, cyclists pedal right up the middle of the road like they own the place. “It’s the best time to go,” said Vivian Plough of Cody, Wyo. “It’s kind of a social event, you see so many of your cycling friends and everyone’s smiling and having fun.”

It's cute when a stray dog follows you as you're biking. It's absolutely awesome when it follows you for 20 days and 1138 miles across China

I suspect that if I am killed while biking, the state of mind in which I am likeliest to die is extreme annoyance

http://jezebel.com/5898286/bicycling-may-be-bad-for-your-(ladyparts) (Maybe NSFW?)
The good news is that there are ways women can ease the pain and the potential health issues that come along with bicycling.  

Six days. 400 miles. 147 wounded vets – some double amputees – peddling through the World War II battlefields of Northern France.  

Touring bicyclists wanting to retrace the path of explorers Lewis and Clark or pedal through the northern tier of the U.S. are being warned to steer clear of northwest North Dakota because of heavy oil traffic. - BUT Montana is open and ready for you!





A New Guide to Cycling for Ladies--Heels on Wheels A Guide to Cycling for Ladies, is a sweet little guide for girls on bikes. Now that more and more women are getting into cycling, there is a newly flourishing industry of how-to books. Let's face it; we have different issues. Such as clothes, helmets, shoes, skirts and make-up and arriving at work in a presentable manner. The book deals with all of these matters in a light-hearted but serious way.



It’s an iconic scene: The child is nervous on his shiny new Schwinn, but he trusts his father—and his training wheels. On the sun-dappled day they are finally removed, the child is confident that his training wheels have prepared him to ride a bike—that they have trained him. His father runs beside the bicycle, holding onto the seat, and then lets go. The child triumphantly sails forth—face down, into the pavement.

Top 10 Bicycle Movies span the genres and styles: from classics to contemporary blockbusters and a recently released documentary; from informative to inspiring and heartwarming. How did they single these out? All were produced and set in North America, and all feature memorable bike scenes.

A New Four-Lane Superhighway To Be Built Only For Bikes If you want to find an unassuming place where bicycling is a way of life and nobody makes a big deal about it, head south. The south of Sweden, that is, where the small university town of Lund has a big bicycle habit. They just don't advertise it.




A remorseful thief has returned a stolen bicycle to its owner along with an apology note and a chocolate bar

Drivers, cyclists square off on sharing the road

National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride.

The 2012 Most Bicycle Friendly State is.....
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Denise Castelli is one of seven CNN readers chosen to be a part of the CNN Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge. She lost her leg to an infection following a tragic accident in a collegiate softball game.

Bicycling in the Kootenai National Forest

Charlotte County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man who stole a television in a box from Wal-Mart and fled with it on his bicycle. He was arrested when he crashed into the back of a detective's vehicle.

If you can rent a car on the fly, why can't you rent a bike the same way?

Every day, one-third of the people of Copenhagen ride their bikes to work or school. Collectively, they cycle more than 750,000 miles daily, enough to make it to the moon and back. And city officials want even more people to commute, and over longer distances. So a network of 26 new bike routes, dubbed "the cycling superhighway," is being built to link the surrounding suburbs to Copenhagen

We didn't think this needed to be pointed out, but here we are: Please avoid biking on the Brooklyn-Queens EXPRESSWAY... especially without a helmet, especially during rush hour, especially in the middle of the lanes, and especially while intoxicated

"You look at the bikes in beautiful colors -- the baskets and panniers -- people having fun in the same way they did as a child, and it reminds you of the joy of bicycling." Finding a comfortable upright bicycle helped Norma Palus return to a beloved childhood pastime. She ordered a teal Rivendell Bleriot from a supplier in California for both its "vintage throwback look and attitude toward riding," the Decatur resident said. "It's just riding for pleasure instead of running the roads," Palus said as she prepared to join the ride. "It goes back to childhood, to riding for fun, to enjoy it. No spandex or cleats." It's not just an idea that appeals to women. About half the participants in Decatur's Autumn Classic Ride were men who happily donned their finest Harris Tweed and argyle duds. Luckily, the mostly cloudy skies ensured it was never too warm for the army of riders in woolens and textured fabrics.

A Saudi newspaper says the kingdom's religious police are now allowing women to ride motorbikes and bicycles but only in restricted, recreational areas.