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Compare Seats & Get Advice

A good website to get help:
Get help choosing a bike seat or exercise bike seat to fit your needs:
For Exercise BikesFor Road Bicycles
If you want a wider seat on your exercise bike choose the 11" or 12" seats

For spinning classes, try the Lycra wide or medium covers.

Need to relieve groin numbness, try the Dual Pad Easyseat

If you want to put your own seat, or get one you have already tried, get an adapter and use any bike seat you want on your exercise bike.

If you want a wider seat on your bicycle choose the 11" or 12" seats

If you bike seat is old and tired, try the Lycra padded seat covers.

Need to relieve groin numbness, try the Dual Pad Easy Seat

Want a new narrow high tech seat? Give us a call and we can order almost anything you need. Contact Us.

Prostate Bicycle Seats and Groin Friendly
Specializing in prostate pain and numbness - for men after prostate surgery and with prostatitis. These seats help keep blood flow moving. Noseless & Hornless bicycle seats, vented, deep relief & grooved bicycle seats too. Bicycle Seats For Men - or anyone (men or women) with pain and groin numbness issues.

EasySeat DeluxeEasySeat StandardThe HornlessExtra Deep Reliefs
Prostate Friendly
Relieves Numbness
After Prostate Surgery*

Easy Riding, Upright Positions

Road and Distance Riding,
Leaning Over Riding Positions

* Of Course Consult Your Doctor First

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