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Exercise Bikes - Models List

Buy a New Seat for your Exercise Bike.
Our Bicycle Seats Fit These Models of Exercise Bikes:
(using the adapters listed - if you don't find your model here, ask us.)

Adaptors:Uni-3 | Uni-4 | Custom | 7/8" Post Clamp

Adapter by Shape

Adapter Compatibility by Maker and Model number below:
If your Exercise Bike is not listed here, We'll double check or make you a custom adaptor, just email or call.

Adaptor List - 20163/25/2016
Better Health BH Bladez LK500UUNI-3
Better Health 68 HICustom
Bladez Jet Bike7/8" Post Clamp
Bladez LK500UUNI-3
Bladez Stratum GS7/8" Post Clamp
Body SculptureUNI-3
BodyFit 90XUNI-3
BodyFit EXC910UNI-3
Body Flex Folding BikeUNI-3
Body Rider Fan Bike (by Body Max)UNI-3
Body Rider BRD2800 Deluxe Flywheel Elliptical Dual TrainerUNI-3
Cardio Max 580 UprightUNI-4
Confidence Space Saving X BikeUNI-3
Confidence Standard StationaryUNI-3
Confidence USA 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise BikeUNI-3
Cybex 500CUNI-4
Cybex Stationary Bike, Model 625CUNI-3
Cybex Trotter model 600C4-hole - top 2 3/8" center of hole to center of hole, sides 4" coh to coh; bottom 4" coh to coh.New pattern - doesn't match anything we've got - will have to be custom made.Custom
DP Air CiserUNI-4
DP Air EX2000UNI-3
DP Air Gometer Fit for LifeUNI-4
DP Air TonerUNI-4
DP PRO 2007/8" Post Clamp
DP Vitamaster MB 1900UNI-4
Dual Action 955 Air BikeUNI-3
Epic A17UUNI-4
Excel 286UNI-3
Excel 286AUNI-3
Excel 325UNI-3
Exerpeutic 250XLUNI-3
Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Magnetic Upright Bike (with/without pulse)Custom #WFB
Exerpeutic 3000UNI-3
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright BikeCustom
Exerpeutic - Therapeutic ParadigmCustom
Exertec MagneticUNI-3
Expresso Fitness S3u7/8" Post Clamp
Extreme Performance Evolution Model EB 455UNI-3
FitDesk FDX 2.0-003UNI-3
Fitness Quest Edge 329UCustom
Fitness Quest Edge 360UNI-4
Fitness Quest Edge 386UNI-4
Fitness Quest Edge 470UNI-4
Fitness Quest Edge 475 DAUNI-3
Fitness Quest Edge 482UCustom
Fitness Quest Edge Cardio 4.6UNI-4
Game Rider BGB7200 by Body Flex Sports, Inc.UNI-3
Gold's Gym 300 CUNI-4
Gold's Gym Exercycle Model 290CUNI-4
Gold's Gym Power Spin 200 UUNI-3
Gold's Gym Power Spin 210 UUNI-4
Gold's Gym Pro Spin 210 UUNI-4
Golds Gym Power Spin 290UNI-4
Golds Gym Cycle Trainer 290cUNI-4
Gold's Gym VB Bike GG-G430UNI-3
Health Bike Exerciser Deluxe (Battle Creek Equipment)7/8" Post Clamp
Healthmaster 660UNI-3
Healthrider Exerplay 200UNI-4
Healthrider H10XUNI-4
Healthrider H30XUNI-4
Hersteller JK Exer Litelift 2040UNI-3
Ignite #1201 3 hole, triangle, dimemsions between holes are width 2 3/8", length 2 3/4"UNI-3
Impex PL-105MCPL-105UNI-3
Impex PL-200UNI-3
Iron Man Bike 1127/8" Post Clamp
Ironman 220uUNI-4
Ironman 350UUNI-4
JC Penney Intrigue 3.2CUNI-4
Keys CardioMax 520UNI-3
Keys Fitness Cardio Max 580UNI-4
Keys Cardiomax AirbikeUNI-3
Keys Fitness cm560 stationary bikeUNI-4
Leisurewise 4500 EN model exercise cycleUNI-3
LeMond Fitness RevMaster7/8" Post Clamp
Level 1 Fitness 605 Magnetic BikeUNI-3
Level 1 Fitness UprightUNI-3
LifeCore LS-XT Air BikeUNI-3
LifeCore 1050UBSCustom
Life Fitness LifeCycle 3500Custom
Life Fitness LifeCycle 4500UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 5500UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 6500UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 6500HRUNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 9100UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 9500HRUNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle C1UNI-3
Life Fitness LifeCycle C3UNI-3
Life Fitness LifeCycle C7iUNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle C9UNI-4
LifeFitness Life Cycle C9iCustom
Life Fitness LifeCycle C9i (3-hole)UNI-3
LifeFitness Cycle 93CCustom
LifeFitness 95CiUNI-3
Life Fitness LifeCycle CL5UNI-3
Life GearUNI-3
Lifestyle 700 Stationary BikeUNI-3
Lifestyler 2000UNI-3
Lifestyler 3000p (Sears)UNI-3
Lifestyler 3500UNI-3
Lifestyler 9500UNI-4
Lifestyler DT 1000 (Sears)UNI-4
Livestrong LS5.0U Upright BikeUNI-3
Marcy Air 1 Upright BikeUNI-3
Marcy ClassicUNI-3
Marcy Club Upright Bike7/8" Post Clamp
Marcy Magnetic-Resistance Upright BikeUNI-3
Marcy ME-708 Magnetic UprightUNI-3
Marcy ME-709 Recumbent18" Pad
Marcy PL 200UNI-3
Marcy PL43211UNI-3
Monarch - (special thing Bob made with 7/8" post)Custom
Monarch 817Custom
Monarch 817 E - is 1" square post with 1" bolt hole dimension- (RE: emails to Bob on 8/31)Custom
Monarch 817E (special thing Bob made with 7/8" post)Custom
Monarch 825 (Monarch 2-Sided Adaptor Kit Needed)Custom
Nautilus U5147/8" Post Clamp
New Balance 5200 UprightUNI-4
New Balance 5K UprightUNI-4
New Balance 6.0(Fitness Quest)UNI-4
Nordic Track AudioRider U300UNI-4
Nordic Track C2siUNI-4
Nordic Track Grand TourUNI-4
Nordic Track GX 2.0UNI-4
Nordic Track GX 2.5UNI-4
Nordic Track GX 2.7UNI-4
Nordic Track GX 4.2UNI-4
Nordic Track GX 5.5 Sport7/8" Post Clamp
Nordic Track SL528UNI-4
Nordic Track SL700UNI-4
Nordic Track SL705UNI-4
Nordic Track U300UNI-4
Peloton UB4 SmoothfitnessUNI-3
Performa Space Saver model PFEX 72061UNI-4
Precor 615 UprightCustom
Precor 815CustomWFB
Precor 825eUNI-4
Precor C842/C846 - Needs Oversized Adaptor PlateCustom
Precor C846UNI-3
Precor C846Custom
Precor M8.2E/LUNI-4
ProForm 14.0 EXUNI-4
ProForm 100UNI-4
ProForm 100uUNI-4
ProForm 280 ZLXUNI-4
ProForm 380 CSXUNI-4
ProForm 770SUNI-4
ProForm 90UNI-4
ProForm 900L bike - model # 831.288230 - 3-hole triangularUNI-3
ProForm 920 EKGUNI-4
ProForm 920SUNI-4
ProForm 920S EKGUNI-4
ProForm 940SUNI-4
ProForm 955 Dual Air Bike - plate is triangularUNI-3
ProForm 970UNI-3
ProForm C40UNI-3
ProForm GL35UNI-4
ProForm GL36UNI-4
ProForm GR75UNI-4
ProForm GR75 VUNI-4
ProForm GT30UNI-4
ProForm GT85 XUNI-4
ProForm Model PF411104 Breeze Dual ActionUNI-3
ProForm SR 20UNI-4
ProForm WhirlwindUNI-4
ProForm X70UNI-4
ProForm XL 100UUNI-4
ProForm XP 100UUNI-4
ProForm XP 185UUNI-4
ProForm XP 70UNI-4
ProForm ZX2UNI-4
ProSport Ergometer System 4500UNI-3
ProSport Magnetic ExerciserUNI-3
Proteus PEC-2015UNI-3
Pulse Monitor Fan Resistance ExercycleUNI-4
Pursuit 720DUNI-3
Raleigh Accufit 2000UNI-3
Randall WindRacer BikeUNI-4
Reebok CYC10UNI-4
Reebok Personal Trainer 2.0 UprightUNI-4
Reebok RB1000 exercise bikeUNI-4
Reebok RT 245UNI-4
Reebok RT 300UNI-4
Reebok 410UNI-4
Reebok RT 445UNI-4
Schwinn A 10UNI-3
Schwinn A 15UNI-3
Schwinn AirDyne AD 2UNI-3
Schwinn AirDyne AD 3UNI-4
Schwinn AirDyne AD 47/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn AirDyne A 10UNI-3
Schwinn AirDyne AD 67/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn AirDyne AD PRO7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn AirDyne EVO COMP7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn AirDyne Gold7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn AirDyne PRO7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn DX900UNI-4
Schwinn 107P Upright7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn 130 Upright7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn 150 Upright7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn 170 Upright7/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn IC27/8" Post Clamp
Sole B947/8" Post Clamp
Smoothfitness Peloton UB4UNI-3
Sears Freespirit 177UNI-3
SportArt C51UUNI-3
Sport Specialists Pro Advantage 787UNI-3
Sports R/TUNI-3
Stairmaster 3000CUSTOM
Stairmaster 3300CEUNI-4
Stamina 15-0950UNI-3
Stamina 15-5300uUNI-3
Stamina 5125uUNI-3
Stamina 885UNI-3
Stamina 890UNI-3
Stamina 955 Air BikeUNI-3
Stamina 1100UNI-4
Stamina UX2 Air BikeUNI-3
Stamina 5325UNI-3
Star Trac Pro7/8" Post Clamp
Star Trac Spinner - eSpinner - NXT - Elite7/8" Post Clamp
StarTrac - Plate with large point on topCustom
StarTrac - Plate with large point on top7/8" Post Clamp
StarTrac Pro UprightCustom
Stride Cycle BRM36007/8" Post Clamp
Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike 7/8" Post Clamp
Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B10027/8" Post Clamp
Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike SFB-12037/8" Post Clamp
Sunny Pro Health and Fitness SF-V9017/8" Post Clamp
Tectrix Bikemax 3000UNI-4
Tern Castro P7i,All Cloud 9 SeatsRail Style Seat
Trimline four.one4.1UNI-3
Tritek UB501UNI-3
True ES 9.0Custom
True Z5 Upright - faxed diagram on fileCustom
True Z5Custom
Tunturi 303EUNI-4
Tunturi 404UNI-3
Tunturi Amerec ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi E330 ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi E40UNI-3
Tunturi ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi Ergometer EEUNI-3
Tunturi Ergometer WUNI-3
Tunturi Ergometer W2UNI-3
Tunturi Executive ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi F300 Comfort Cycle (or F305)Custom
Tunturi F715d Air CycleUNI-3
Tunturi VIP Dual ActionUNI-3
Ultega Foldabe Home Trainer F-BikeUNI-3
Universal LS 6607/8" Post Clamp
Universal Fitness Magnetic Bike PL-2008-1UNI-3
Velo Star Trac Pro7/8" Post Clamp
Velo Spinner - eSpinner - NXT - Elite7/8" Post Clamp
Vision Fitness - tracing on fileCustom
Vital Fitness 350UNI-3
Vision Fitness E30007/8" Post Clamp
Vision Fitness E32007/8" Post Clamp
Vision Fitness E3600 HRCCustom
Vision Fitness ES7007/8" Post Clamp
Vital Fitness MB 210UNI-3
Vital Fitness MB 350UNI-3
VitaMaster Airwaves IIUNI-4
Weiider 760 EXUNI-3
Weslo Aero 700UNI-3
Weslo Cross Cycle WELEX61221.1UNI-4
Weslo Cross Cycle WELEX61221.5UNI-4
Weslo 2.4 CT Upright CycleUNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 2.0 DSUNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 2.8UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit R 3.8UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 310 CSUNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 330UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 350UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 4.0 DXUNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 605SUNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 622UNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 895iUNI-4
Weslo Pro CTX7/8" Post Clamp
Weslo Pursuit E25UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit E28UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit E40UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit G28UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit R 1.2UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit R 3.8UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit S28UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit U30UNI-4
Weslo WELEX61221.5 Cross CycleUNI-4
Weslo WLEX61211.1UNI-4
Weslo WLEX61211.5UNI-4
Wilson Variable Air Resistance SpAir CycleUNI-3
Wynne 2.1UNI-3
X Bike Folding - Model XRB100UNI-3
York Cardiofit 230PCustom