Exercise Bike Seat Help

How does a bicycle seat mount on your exercise bike? 

 Find your Exercise Bike Model Number in the Adapter Compatibility Chart - See the Adapter Installation Instructions | Post Clamp Installation

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#1  Integrated 
post & clamp

No adapter necessary


#2  Round post and clamp
 7/8" - 3/4" - 5/8"
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#3  Plate and 3 Bolts
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#4  Plate and 4 Bolts
various shapes

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#5 Round post
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#6 Round post
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#7 Round post
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#8 Round post
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Adaptor Kit

by Model of 
Exercise Bike

#9 Square post &
Square clamp
Order a Custom Adaptor

#10  Square post &
Square clamp
Order a Custom Adaptor

#11  Square post &
Square clamp
Order a Custom Adaptor

#4  Plate and 4 Bolts
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#3  Plate and 3 Bolts
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#7A  Round post Precor
(Note top of post is round)
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#6B  Round post
(Seat clamps on round post)
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#11  square post &
square clamp
Order a Custom Adaptor

#11  square post &
square clamp
Order a Custom Adaptor
#3  Plate and 3 Bolts
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#12  Square post &
Square clamp
Order a Custom Adaptor

All Adaptor Kits include: Adaptor plate, installation hardware and clamp.


Purchase an Adaptor Kit

4 Hole
Universal Adaptor Kit

Fits: Exercise bikes with seats that mount with 4 bolts, including:

Nordic ProForm
Schwinn Weslo
See the full list...

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3 Hole
Universal Adaptor Kit

Fits: Exercise bikes with seats that mount with 3 bolts, including: Tunturi, ProSport and Vital Fitness
Exercise Bikes  See the full list...

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Post Clamp
7/8" dia. or 3/4" dia. or 5/8" dia. 

(To secure any bicycle seat with rails to your bicycle. 7/8" diameter post clamp is included with all adaptor kits.)

(integrated seatpost/post clamp - if your seatpost does not look like this, you will need a post clamp for your bicycle)

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Seat Post
7/8" dia. or 1" dia. or 1 1/8" dia. 

with 7/8" diameter top for use with 7/8" post clamp.

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Adaptor Kit

Made to your specifications.
(Fits: Any model of exercise bike that the 4 hole or 3 hole Universal Kits will not fit.)
Tunturi F300 - Monarch

If your bike does not match anything on this page, we will make a Custom Exercise
Bike Seat Adaptor Kit for you.

Have questions? Contact us: (888) 855-3545                More Info ...

Purchase an Adaptor Kit

Adaptor kit installation instructions

Post Clamp installation instructions



See The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Available. 
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Adaptor List    06-17-2014
Bladez Jet Bike:  Any seat will fit this exercise bike7/8" Post Clamp
Body SculptureUNI-3
BodyFit 90XUNI-3
BodyFit EXC910UNI-3
Body Rider Fan Bike (by Body Max)UNI-3
Body Rider BRD2800 Deluxe Flywheel Elliptical Dual TrainerUNI-3
Confidence USA 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise BikeUNI-3
Cybex 500CUNI-4
Cybex Trotter model 600C Custom
DP Air CiserUNI-4
DP Air EX2000UNI-3
DP Air Gometer Fit for LifeUNI-4
DP Air TonerUNI-4
DP Vitamaster MB 1900UNI-4
Dual Action 955 Air BikeUNI-3
Excel 286UNI-3
Excel 286AUNI-3
Excel 325UNI-3
Exerpeutic 250XLUNI-3
Exerpeutic 3000UNI-3
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike Custom
Exerpeutic - Therapeutic ParadigmCustom
Exertec MagneticUNI-3
Expresso Fitness S3u 7/8" Post Clamp
Extreme Performance Evolution Model EB 455UNI-3
Fitness Quest Edge 329UCustom
Fitness Quest Edge 360UNI-4
Fitness Quest Edge 386UNI-4
Fitness Quest Edge 470UNI-4
Fitness Quest Edge 475 DAUNI-3
Fitness Quest Edge 482UCustom
Fitness Quest Edge Cardio 4.6UNI-4
Game Rider BGB7200 by Body Flex Sports, Inc.UNI-3
Gold's Gym Exercycle Model 290C UNI-4
Gold's Gym Power Spin 200 UUNI-3
Gold's Gym Power Spin 210 UUNI-4
Gold's Gym Pro Spin 210 UUNI-4
Golds Gym Power Spin 290UNI-4
gold's gym cycle trainer 290cUNI-4
Gold's Gym VB Bike GG-G430UNI-3
Healthmaster 660UNI-3
Healthrider H30XUNI-4
Ignite #1201 3 hole, triangle, dimemsions between holes are width 2 3/8", length 2 3/4"UNI-3
Impex PL-105   MCPL-105UNI-3
Ironman 220uUNI-4
Ironman 350UUNI-4
JC Penney Intrigue 3.2CUNI-4
Keys CardioMax 520UNI-3
Keys Fitness Cardio Max 580UNI-4
Keys Cardiomax AirbikeUNI-3
Keys Fitness cm560 stationary bikeUNI-4
Leisurewise 4500 EN model exercise cycleUNI-3
Level 1 Fitness 605 Magnetic BikeUNI-3
Level 1 Fitness UprightUNI-3
LifeCore 1050UBS Custom
Life Fitness LifeCycle 3500Custom
Life Fitness LifeCycle 4500UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 5500UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 6500UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 6500HRUNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 9100UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle 9500HRUNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle C1UNI-3
Life Fitness LifeCycle C3UNI-3
Life Fitness LifeCycle C7iUNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle C9UNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle C9iUNI-4
Life Fitness LifeCycle C9i (3-hole)UNI-3
LifeFitness 95CiUNI-3
Life Fitness LifeCycle CL5UNI-3
Life GearUNI-3
Lifestyler 2000UNI-3
Lifestyler 3000p (Sears)UNI-3
Lifestyler 3500UNI-3
Lifestyler 9500UNI-4
Lifestyler DT 1000 (Sears)UNI-4
Livestrong LS5.0U Upright BikeUNI-3
Marcy Air 1 Upright BikeUNI-3
Marcy Magnetic-Resistance Upright BikeUNI-3
Marcy ME-708 Magnetic UprightUNI-3
Marcy PL43211UNI-3
Monarchs - See Photos 9-12 Exercise Seat AdaptorsCustom
Monarch 817   Custom
Monarch 817 E (is 1" square post with 1" bolt hole dimension)Custom
Monarch 817E (Special )  Call us about Monarchs  Custom
Monarch 825 (Monarch 2-Sided Adaptor Kit Needed)Custom
Nautilus U5147/8" Post Clamp
New Balance 5200 UprightUNI-4
New Balance 6.0  (Fitness Quest)UNI-4
Nordic Track AudioRider U300UNI-4
Nordic Track C2siUNI-4
Nordic Track GX 2.0UNI-4
Nordic Track GX 2.5UNI-4
Nordic Track GX 4.2UNI-4
Nordic Track GX 5.5 Sport7/8" Post Clamp
Nordic Track SL528UNI-4
Nordic Track SL700UNI-4
Nordic Track SL705UNI-4
Nordic Track U300UNI-4
Performa Space Saver model PFEX 72061UNI-4
Precor 825eUNI-4
Precor C842/C846Custom
Precor C846UNI-3
Precor C846 Custom
Precor M8.2E/LUNI-4
ProForm 100UNI-4
ProForm 100uUNI-4
ProForm 280 ZLXUNI-4
ProForm 380 CSXUNI-4
ProForm 770SUNI-4
ProForm 90UNI-4
ProForm 900L bike - model # 831.288230 - 3-hole triangularUNI-3
ProForm 920 EKGUNI-4
ProForm 920SUNI-4
ProForm 920S EKGUNI-4
ProForm 940SUNI-4
ProForm 955 Dual Air Bike - plate is triangularUNI-3
ProForm C40UNI-3
ProForm GL35UNI-4
ProForm GL36UNI-4
ProForm GR75UNI-4
ProForm GR75 VUNI-4
ProForm GT30UNI-4
ProForm GT85 XUNI-4
ProForm Model PF411104 Breeze Dual ActionUNI-3
ProForm SR 20UNI-4
ProForm WhirlwindUNI-4
ProForm X70UNI-4
ProForm XL 100UUNI-4
ProForm XP 100UUNI-4
ProForm XP 185UUNI-4
ProForm XP 70UNI-4
ProSport Ergometer System 4500UNI-3
ProSport Magnetic ExerciserUNI-3
Pulse Monitor Fan Resistance ExercycleUNI-4
Pursuit 720DUNI-3
Raleigh Accufit 2000UNI-3
Randall WindRacer BikeUNI-4
Reebok CYC10UNI-4
Reebok Personal Trainer 2.0 UprightUNI-4
Reebok RB1000 Exercise BikeUNI-4
Reebok RT 245UNI-4
Reebok RT 300UNI-4
Reebok 410UNI-4
Reebok RT 445UNI-4
Schwinn A10UNI-3
Schwinn A15UNI-3
Schwinn AirDyne AD2UNI-3
Schwinn AirDyne AD67/8" Post Clamp
Schwinn DX900UNI-4
Sears Freespirit 177UNI-3
SportArt C51UUNI-3
Sport Specialists Pro Advantage 787UNI-3
Sports R/TUNI-3
Stairmaster 3300CEUNI-4
Stamina 15-5300uUNI-3
Stamina 5125uUNI-3
Stamina 885UNI-3
Stamina 890UNI-3
Stamina 955 Air BikeUNI-3
Stamina 1100UNI-4
Stamina UX2 Air BikeUNI-3
StarTrac - Plate with large point on top  (Call Us)Custom
StarTrac - Plate with large point on top (Call Us)7/8" Post Clamp
StarTrac Pro UprightCustom
Tectrix Bikemax 3000UNI-4
Tern Castro P7i,  All Cloud 9 SeatsRail Style Seat
Trimline 4.1UNI-3
True ES 9.0Custom
True Z5 UprightCustom
Tunturi 303EUNI-4
Tunturi 404UNI-3
Tunturi Amerec ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi E330 ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi E40UNI-3
Tunturi ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi Ergometer EEUNI-3
Tunturi Ergometer WUNI-3
Tunturi Ergometer W2UNI-3
Tunturi Executive ErgometerUNI-3
Tunturi F300 Comfort CycleCustom
Tunturi F715d Air CycleUNI-3
Tunturi VIP Dual ActionUNI-3
Universal Fitness Magnetic Bike PL-2008-1UNI-3
Vision FitnessCustom
Vital Fitness 350UNI-3
Vision Fitness ES700 7/8" Post Clamp
Vital Fitness MB 210UNI-3
Vital Fitness MB 350UNI-3
VitaMaster Airwaves IIUNI-4
Weiider 760 EXUNI-3
Weslo Aero 700UNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 2.0 DSUNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 310 CSUNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 330UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 350UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 4.0 DXUNI-4
Weslo Pursuit 605SUNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 622UNI-3
Weslo Pursuit 895iUNI-4
Weslo Pursuit E25UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit E28UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit E40UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit S28UNI-4
Weslo Pursuit U30UNI-4
Weslo WELEX61221.5UNI-4
Wynne 2.1UNI-3
York Cardiofit 230PCustom