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Contour Seat
Part Number BSJB-6702132-WB
. Contour Seat
Contour Gel Pad
Contour Gel Pad
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New and Improved - Wider, Softer and Contoured! Tractor Style Bicycle Seats - The Widest Seats

For Road Bicycles, Trikes and Exercise Bikes

Installing this seat on an Adult Trike? You may need a support bar! Please call us at 1-855-855-1976 for assistance!

Included, A Specially Designed Mounting Bracket Made For All Bicycles

Wider and more padding!

12" long x 16" wide*

Did you ever wonder why a farmer can sit in a hard, stamped metal seat with no padding, all day while he plows his fields? It's because the weight of his body is distributed over the large contoured area of the seat.

This simple and obvious concept was the driving force behind the Contour Saddle. The new design, with softer foam padding, has a large surface area to help relieve painful contact points. This results in a bicycle seat that is perfect for larger riders or anyone tired of the pain caused by typical bicycle seats.

Please Note: This seat does require a 7/8" topped seatpost for proper installation. It will not work with the integrated rail type post clamps. A 7/8" post clamp included with purchase. If you need a new seat post, let us know what size of bottom post you need to fit into your bike.

This seat is 6 pounds for a big but lighter seat, try the 12" seat

Optional - Extra Gel Pad (also fits 3 wheel adult trike tricycles)

Optional - Sheepskin Seat Cover (also fits 3 wheel adult trike tricycles) - Sheepskin Cover Made In USA

This seat can also be used as an Exercise Bikes Seat.

*Please note the Contour Saddle is a full 16" wide, the widest seat available. 

If you are a smaller framed person, we recommend the 11" or 12" Gel Seats or the Hornless Bicycle Seat for comfort.

Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

Customer Reviews
I like this seat MUCH better than the standard issue. I have an adult tricycle & I am about 220 lbs. I ride, very comfortably, every evening about 3-4 miles. I am happy with this seat & would recommend, especially to the larger riders.
Reviewed by: PattiMomKat from Mesa, AZ.. on 6/12/2014
The solution
I haven't been able to ride a bike since my mid 30's because of tail bone pain. Husband purchased e-zip scooters and I had limited rides from pain, I really couldn't tolerate the scooter seat I tried that was 11inches and square either. I got this big seat that my husband thinks looks bad and it solved all my problems. My response to hubby's complaints about appearance, "have babies and we'll talk." I love the seat and for the first time in 14 years, I can ride without pain. I am going to put it on my bike and try bike riding again. This is a life changing product for me.
Reviewed by: Brenda Rogers from So. Cal.. on 3/12/2015
Contor/farmer style bike seat
this seat can't go unnoticed. It's like nothing else Ive seen or ridden. I ride 4 miles a day on this seat for 3 weeks now. All it need's is some spring support or a little give. It's a cruzer seat for sure. The seat cradles your pelvis. there's an option for gel support pad I'm looking into. I ride a stiff tail with no suspension.Once positioned the seat stays in place. The clip that holds it is partial to one side. This could be a problem for heavier rider's. making the seat TILT. left or right. I'm 185. so far it's not a problem after a year it may lean a little. but it's held in place by bolt's so it's pretty heavy duty. The seats covered in a water resistant rubber leaving it in the rain wont affect it. There is little padding if any it's a stiff ride. (my bike has NO suspention) I have a electra townie. is just needs springs. the seat itself is great.The way it attaches to the seat post needs a better design for more comfort. It's a tank of a seat ,Heavy duty.
Reviewed by: Chris from Quincy Ill. on 5/25/2015
Relief finally!
I was hesitant to order this seat because of the price, but let me tell you-it's worth every penny!It's a tank of a seat-very heavy duty and mostly comfortable. I ordered it with the gel cover, and I intend to order the sheepskin cover also. I have fibromyalgia, so I have a very very low tolerance to painful stimuli. I have a brand new Specialized Sport Low Entry bike and suffered with the stock comfort seat that came with it. I even bought gel-padded bike shorts, and switched out the original seat for a bigger one. I tried to "get use to it" all, but I was still in pain, and thought I would have to sell the bike. Then I found this wonderful seat and took the plunge and bought it. I was able to ride yesterday for an hour and a half with short 5-6 minute standing brakes. I tilted the front of the seat downward as it was hitting the back of my thighs, and although I still feel some discomfort there it is a vast improvement! You don't need to be overweight, or a "whus" to appreciate this seat! ( I am 5'7", 155lbs, with wide hips-a size 12)
Reviewed by: Debbie from Jamesville. on 4/18/2016
The seat is a good seat as far as I can tell But! the adjustment forwards and backwards is very limited in that back is too much and forward is too much. need another setting
Reviewed by: Robert from Grand Junction Colo. on 3/26/2015
Great Seat
I bought this for a stationary bike and it is wonderful. On my old seat I could only ride for 10-12 min. before my butt was sore, and that was with a gel pad. The first time on this new seat I was able to ride 25 min. and could have gone longer. And I'm a big guy - about 350 lbs.
Reviewed by: Patrick Farrant from Scottsdale, AZ. on 3/22/2015
Contour Seat
I purchased this seat to replace the uncomfortable seat that came with my exercise bike. After installing this seat using the 3-Hole Adaptor Kit I was able to ride my exercise bike for long periods of time. The seat is excellent and is made of high quality leather.
Reviewed by: Kathy Bowles from McLean, VA. on 11/23/2015
Uncomfortable pedaling
I purchased this seat for my exercycle as I found the original seat too narrow and uncomfortable. It fit well on the exercycle and the wide back was comfortable. What I didn't expect was how wide the front of the seat is. It forced me to spread my legs so far apart that it was uncomfortable to pedal. The width of this front part is not depicted in the photo or in the description. I ultimately ended up returning the product.
Reviewed by: Melodie Steele from Frazier Park, CA. on 1/28/2015
Contour Seat Owner
This seat is how a seat should fit your bottom. Back in the late forties and the early fifties Schwinn bicycles came with a seat that fit your bottom. Seats make your ride. Basic essentials are long forgotten if you want speed which older people do not crave. This seat is expensive but will worth the cost if you want comfort when riding your bicycle for pleasure.
Reviewed by: Mark Hubbs from 2221 Landing Meadows Owensboro Kentucky 42303. on 8/5/2014
My wife has been on a seat search for awhile. She found this seat. I ordered it for her and she is very happy now. Be sure to tighten it SUPER tight using a socket wrench. I did and it works great, no more wobble.
Reviewed by: Jollyroger from . on 6/1/2013
I liked the seat real well , but I keep sliding off of it , I will need to get a cover for it, but other than that it is so comfy , I really love it, thanks so much
Reviewed by: mary brown from owensboro,ky. on 6/9/2015
Contour Seat
Great bicycle seat for my stationary bicycle. I can now exercise in comfort. Easy assembly. Just the seat I've been looking for. Shipping was the only negative. It took almost 2 weeks for my seat to arrive. Still 5 stars for the bicycle seat.
Reviewed by: Judy from Pearland Texas. on 9/23/2014
Comfortable Quality Product
This is a lot more comfortable than the usual trike seat that is very cutting and uncomfortable over time. I usually ride trike to exercise my dog, from 2 to 6 miles, and the usual seats can get very painful after awhile. This one is very comfortable, and can sit comfortably on trike when stopped to chat with folks or while dog does his duty. Big improvement over the skinny seats. I''m a big girl so this is a big plus.
Reviewed by: lakewood gator from TX. on 2/6/2014
Contour seat
Installed the contour seat on a Macargi Rover 7 speed. Much better seat than the original seat. I can now ride for an hour or more at the time. I am 6' tall and weigh 235.
Reviewed by: Barry waguespack from Sorrento La.. on 7/3/2014
Much Better!
This is much better than trying to use one of the normal bike seats. You can sit upright and ride comfortably for quite awhile.
Reviewed by: Eileen Philips from UT. on 3/4/2014
Great Replacement
This is a great replacement better than the original one I had. Also the gel pad you can buy additionally is a nice option.
Reviewed by: ocskates from FL. on 1/10/2014
Huge upgrade!
I love the seat, it was very easy to install and adjust. It is a huge difference from the factory installed seat on my Schwinn meridian trike. I rode two miles first day out on it and decided to order one for the wife's trike as well.
Reviewed by: Rick from Missouri. on 4/23/2018
Short Review, Awesome Seat!
To put it simply.....I LOVE IT!
Reviewed by: Linda from Florida. on 3/26/2018
Adult trike seat
Wow what comfort from a regular seat. this seat lets me ride in comfort I'm 75 and don't have much padding . this seat lets me ride in comfort on long rides. Service and quality to match thanks for looking out for us old folks who want to be active.
Reviewed by: Robert from Weston. on 3/25/2018
Really comfortable
I need to start exercising and this seat helped me do that!! It's great to feel like your butt is actually supported .
Reviewed by: Carrie from NC. on 2/28/2018
The seat is well manufactured and sturdy. I used the adapter to install it on a stationary bike and it fit well and was easy to install.
Reviewed by: Nelson from Texas. on 2/7/2018
Contour Seat
Great seat, very comfortable, no longer hurt when I ride my Pelaton.
Reviewed by: Karen from Tyler Texas. on 12/21/2017
Contour Bicycle Seat Review
The wide seat is great for this 69 year old farm boy. I have mounted it on a Adult Schwinn 26" Trike and it makes it very enjoyable to ride. I am 6' 1" at 330 lbs. and I need no brace that is sometimes used with this seat. I have tilted the seat back so that I do not slide forward while riding. Make sure you get the nut and bolt secured tight. I kid about the seat being built for a wide load.
Reviewed by: Bruce from Central Missouri. on 8/28/2017
Have already taken three bike trips, all over 15 miles each and my butt was not sore afterwards!!!! It could use more adjustment notches.
Reviewed by: Ann from Pennsylvania. on 7/11/2017
AWESOME seat - Highly Recommend it for a Standing Desk Cycle
I have a standing desk and decided to purchase a stationary bicycle so I can actually exercise WHILE I work. The seat that came with the bike was awful. I found the tractor seat with the sheepskin cover and have been able to bike over 4 hours of each workday. It's AMAZING and very comfortable since it distributes my weight across a larger surface. I highly, strongly recommend this bike seat AND the customer service team has been great to work with. First class outfit!
Reviewed by: Terrie Wheeler from Rush City, MN. on 6/26/2017
Reviewed by: JAMES caffy from tenn. on 6/19/2017
Seats me just fine!
Although larger than a usual seat which took some getting used to, this has been an answer to a prayer! Finally, a seat that's comfortable! It doesn't cause welts, or bumps or irritations of any kind. I'm a full figured gal who can stop traffic if I bend over to tie my shoelace; this seat accommodates me perfectly! Thank you so much!! I'm looking forward to cycling through summer!
Reviewed by: June Polimeni from Fort Erie, Ontario. on 5/2/2017
just what the doctor ordered .Perfect fit, very comfortable.
Reviewed by: bill from los angeles. on 2/22/2017
Relief Needed
This seat overcomes the irritation and stress experienced from a G6 or other seats when riding longer distances. I typically get a six mile ride at one sitting and this seat is my friend when I am finished. At first the extra width created a strange feeling at the hips but after several days riding was unnoticeable. Highly recommemded.
Reviewed by: Lee Bennett from Naples . on 2/2/2017
This seat is absolutely amazing! I can ride 10 miles and never even have to readjust to get comfortable! Best seat ever!
Reviewed by: Penny McClurg from Titusville FL. on 1/30/2017
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